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An Overview of Adaptive Reuse, Recycling and Conservation in
Construction of the 2100 Greenwood Evanston Lofts Project


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Adaptive Reuse - Adaptive Reuse Architecture and construction techniques allowed us to reuse and recycle most of our existing building.  Here’s a summary of how we used adaptive reuse, recycling, renewable materials and green design during construction of 2100 Greenwood rentals:

We reused many of the existing brick walls.  When we had to take down walls we saved the old brick on site and reused it in areas requiring new construction.  We used virtually all the brick we removed from the original building.

Our live/work loft rental development is located at 2100 Greenwood Ave. in Evanston Illinois, just North of Chicago.  It’s just one of hundreds of new rental developments in the area.  So what’s so special about 2100 Greenwood?

Developers often flatten everything in sight when creating a new development.  Our rental development used a vacant factory and Adaptive Reuse design to create a unique live/work rental community.  So what’s Adaptive Reuse?  Adaptive Reuse Architecture actually recycles an existing building by designing new building elements which incorporate a portion an existing structure.  This differs from a rehab where the existing structure is still suitable and all it needs is a simple face lift.

original steel building

recyecling concrete and steel
The original factory and Steel

The existing building had tons and tons of steel girders to cranes.  Our adaptive reuse design left most of the steel structure intact by incorporating the steel into the new building.  Any steel that could not be used was sorted out and recycled.  Imagine the energy saving of reusing hundreds of tons of structural steel ?

reuse of steel frame in building

live-work loft condo courtyard
Demolition of the un insulated ceiling
and new court yard reusing steel

Our new design provides an open private courtyard where a large factory floor once stood. We removed over 20,000 cubic feet of concrete from the building.  Rather than send the concrete to a landfill we reused the concrete as fill to level in a depression in the back of our lot.

Typical finished unit, loads of space !



Live/Work Zoned Community

Live and Work in the same space

We also worked with the city of Evanston and our architect to design lofts zoned for Live/Work use.  This means residents such as attorneys, artists, photographers, architects, accountants and specialized small businesses can actually live and work in the same space eliminating auto pollution and commuting time while saving money on gas.

new front space
Trees were retained

We left existing trees on the lot including several enormous trees hundreds of years old.  We utilized renewable fast growth pine in the construction of 2100 Greenwood saving mature trees.  We also used engineered lumber which is actually stronger than wood and again saves trees.  Bamboo flooring is eco friendly, we are offering this renewable flooring as a no charge option in every rental.

Most sidewalks and patios made out of brick pavers which allow water to move through and around them decreasing runoff by allowing water to penetrate the soil.  We also use retention ponds to reduce runoff.   We even used cisterns to collect rain water used to mix some of the mortar used in our building.

loft truses

Even though we’re in Chicago, the summers here can be brutal and energy costs are high. Later this spring we will add landscaping designed to moderate heat gain on the building.  In addition we have incorporated heavily insulated low E glass on all windows.  We are also incorporating high efficiency furnaces and appliances in every loft.

20 foot ceilings
Steel is also visible on the interior of our Lofts

Adaptive reuse has allowed us to create unique loft rentals; some spaces offer a 22 foot high ceiling.  Additional details include the use of low VOC paints, reduction in overall site storm runoff into sewers, indoor parking to reduce street congestion, and efficient radiant garage heating.

We hope you have found this summary useful and possibly inspired you to consider adaptive reuse and eco friendly living.

If you are in the market for a rental or live/work space please contact us for a showing.  Call 312-493-4474

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